1×2.5mm 1x6mm PV Solar Panel Cable


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1×2.5mm 1x6mm PV Solar Panel Cable

* 100% tinned cooper minimizes power loss in your solar panel system.
* It has good flame retardancy, weather resistance, uv resistance and temperature resistance.
* xlpe/xlpo low-smoke halogen-free insulation provides great resistance to abrasion and stress.
* TUV 2PfG 1169 /08.2007 & EN50618:2014& IEC 62930 131
* 25 years services life

The two common conductor materials used in residential and commercial solar installations are copper and aluminium. Generally, solar cables are required to have resistance against UV light, extreme temperatures, and weather conditions. While cables and wires are generally used to represent the term ‘wiring’, there is a major difference between the two. A Solar Wire is referred to as a single conductor, smaller in diameter, while cable is a group of conductors within an insulation jacket.

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