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Brassica Bee Pollen Powder


As plants flower, pollen is transferred from the anther of a stamen to the top of a pistil (stigma); on reaching the ovary it brings about fertilization of seeds. Entomophilous pollen refers to pollen that is spread by insects such as bees; anemophilous pollen refers to pollen spread by wind. In contrast to bee pollen, which is collected from bees, flower pollen is harvested directly from plants. The major flower pollen supplement in the marketplace is harvested from a number of organically grown, specially selected flowers such as pine pollen powder.

Brassica(Rape) Flowers Bee Pollen is successfully being used to treat prostatitis and prostate enlargement. This herb, also called Canola, contains vital nutrients proven by the Chinese to have powerful anti-inflammatory effects on the prostate with no adverse side effects. Flower Pollen Powder is aimed for treatment of prostate and urinary function of men. It also cleans the urinary tract of women. The supplement Flower Pollen is an extract of pollen, -a substance which consists of the male germ seeds of plants, flowers and tree blossoms. And below tables lists thenutrition facts of Brassica(Rape) Flowers Bee Pollen as a reference:

Brassica(Rape) Flowers Bee Pollen and Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a condition characterized by excessive and uncontrolled growth of the prostate gland, affects ~85% of males over 50 years of age. Considering the high incidence of BPH and the effect this condition has on the quality of life, treatment of this disease is a priority for public health. The aetiology of BPH is complicated and remains unclear; however, recent novel observations highlight the key role of aging, hormonal alterations, metabolic syndrome and inflammation.

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