High pressure Coriolis flow meter

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High pressure Coriolis flow meter


A high-pressure Coriolis flow meter is an advanced instrument designed to measure the flow rate of fluids under elevated pressure conditions. Employing the Coriolis effect, which involves the deflection of a fluid mass moving through a vibrating tube, these meters precisely determine the mass flow rate of liquids or gases. The high-pressure capability of these meters makes them particularly suitable for applications where the fluid needs to be measured in environments with elevated pressure levels, such as in oil and gas production, chemical processing, or high-pressure industrial processes.

These meters offer several advantages, including high accuracy, repeatability, and the ability to measure mass flow directly, independent of fluid properties. Additionally, high-pressure Coriolis flow meters can handle a wide range of fluid viscosities and are well-suited for applications requiring accurate measurement in challenging conditions. Their integration into industrial processes helps optimize efficiency and ensure accurate monitoring of fluid flow in high-pressure environments.

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