Lithium Polymer Battery Packs


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Lithium Polymer Battery Packs


With the ever increasing need for thin, lightweight portable equipment, lithium polymer batteries provide an excellent solution for such requirements. Lithium polymer batteries provide an ultra-thin, extremely light form, and utilize a gel-type electrolyte which provides power to some of the most demanding requirements in the portable product world.


Battery assemblies utilizing Li-Polymer cells can be 20% lighter (or more) than those using Li-Ion cells. The lower weight is a result of the cells outer packaging being a foil-type pouch, rather than the rigid can used with li-Ion cells.


The internal construction of the Li-Poly cell utilizes thin laminated sheets as opposed to compressed electrodes & separators. Because the laminated sheets can be cut into any size / shape, the available footprint options are virtually limitless. Designers enjoy much more flexibility in designing smaller, lighter, and creative li-polymer powered devices.


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