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Strong dimensional stability: the dimensions do not change after installation.

The installation process automatically heals fine scratches on the film’s surface.

The color Pure Metal Mist Blue is based on haze blue, but it is lighter and softer. Light can reveal a sense of luxury in every place. Even in limited light, it can show a bright vision. It shows light blue in the dark, giving people a bright and not dull feeling. A blue-purple vision appears under strong light reflections. Cyan mist blue film reflects the light refracted by the refracted light, which is neither dull nor exaggerated.


Product colour: Blue


Strong structure with six layers.

Glossy PVC protective film

Scratch resistant coating with colloidal particles

calendered color layers

Wear resistant adhesive coating

Low tack acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive

160g support paper

Make sure your car is like new

Avoid acid rain and corrosion.

Scratches and aging of painted surfaces can be prevented.

Up to 5 years of outdoor durability

Temperature resistance at high and low temperatures

super air release

high density air channels

No air bubbles in the dry application

fast air exclusion

stretchable to the max

Ravoony car wraps do not change color or break after stretching.

Perfect fit for any radian.

Color changes in other brands of vehicle wraps.

compliance is good

Installs easily

It fits perfectly to the curves.

A perfect wrap for the entire body of the car.

The original paint color

easily removable

After removing the paint, do not damage it.

Keep car paint like new by protecting it

Maintain the value of the car.

is recoverable

In case the vinyl is scratched

To restore heating with a heat gun

A good way to protect your car.

Factory that reliably wraps cars

10,000 square meter workshop

Brand for high quality vehicle wraps.

We create over 300 professional colors with our full-color, long-lasting hearts

Read more: https://www.ravoony.com/Ravoony-Pure-Metal-Mist-Blue-Car-Vinyl-Wrap


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