Bent tube Coriolis flow meter

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Bent tube Coriolis flow meter


The Bent Tube Coriolis Flow Meter is a sophisticated instrument designed for accurate and direct measurement of mass flow rates in fluid systems. Unlike traditional flow meters, the Bent Tube Coriolis Flow Meter utilizes the Coriolis effect, where a vibrating tube undergoes a characteristic deformation in response to fluid flow. The degree of tube deformation is directly proportional to the mass flow rate, providing a highly accurate and direct measurement.

This type of Coriolis flow meter is known for its exceptional accuracy, repeatability, and versatility across a wide range of fluid types, including liquids and gases. The bent tube design allows for compact and space-efficient installations, making it suitable for various industrial applications. It is particularly valuable in industries such as chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage, where precise mass flow measurement is crucial for process optimization and quality control. The Bent Tube Coriolis Flow Meter stands out for its reliability and ability to provide real-time data for improved operational efficiency.

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