Low flow gas Flow Meter/Flow Controller

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Low flow gas Flow Meter/Flow Controller


A low-flow gas flow meter or flow controller is a specialized instrument designed to accurately measure or control the flow rate of gases at low volumetric rates. These devices are essential in applications where precise control or measurement of gas flow is critical, such as in laboratories, research facilities, and industries where small quantities of gas need to be managed.

These flow meters typically employ various technologies such as thermal mass flow sensing, capillary tubes, or laminar flow elements to accurately measure low gas flow rates. They are capable of providing precise readings and control over a wide range of gases, including specialty gases used in analytical and laboratory processes.

The importance of low-flow gas flow meters lies in their ability to ensure accuracy and repeatability in applications where even slight variations in gas flow can have a significant impact. These devices contribute to the optimization of processes, experimental setups, and the overall efficiency of systems requiring precise gas flow management at low rates.

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